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5 Myths of Great Management

Your team is drowning.  Turnover is at an all-time high.  Disengagement is the buzzword around the office.  You're thinking to yourself, I'm doing everything those award-winning management books are telling me to do, so why is my team still failing?!

Let's take a step back.  Forget what the books are telling you, or what that Forbes article you've bookmarked on your browser is saying about managing people.

Check out our 5 Myths of Great Management webinar for:

  • Management myths: The tips you've heard time and again about being the, "world's best boss," that are actually pushing your people away.
  • Management fails: Hear human-capital horror stories from managers like you, as we pinpoint where these leaders went wrong, and how to course-correct.

Management Myths and Fails: Replay