The Predictive Index

Improving Retention and Company Culture with PI

Learn how Centier Bank rebuilt their award-winning culture

Centier Bank wanted to build a culture of employees focused on providing exceptional service for stakeholders and personifying Centier’s core values of integrity, respect, friendship, caring, and loyalty. However, at that time, turnover at the bank was at a high of 17-20% and competition from nearby cities made attracting and retaining quality talent very difficult. 

To address these issues, Centier Bank turned to PI to help with selection and hiring, and developing employees for long-term success, engagement, and retention.


  • Centier Bank boasts a turnover rate of 7%, which is significantly lower than both regional and state levels
  • Year-to-date customer service levels are at 96.25%
  • The bank is repeatedly ranked in the top 5 on the “Best Places to Work” list by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce

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