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Solving employee disengagement

Uncover the four forces that destroy engagement

Almost 30% of your employees aren’t engaged at work. (2019 Employee Engagement Report) And some of those people are actively disengaged—they intentionally destroy what others have built.

With the cost of disengagement weighing in around 34% of that employee’s salary, it’s clear that employee engagement is a serious business issue.

But disengagement costs you more than just lost opportunity and revenue. It also impacts:

  • Your ability to attract and hire great employees (disengaged employees may badmouth your company on sites like Glassdoor)

  • Voluntary and involuntary turnover

  • Stress and anxiety inflicted on peers and managers

  • Your consumer brand

  • Customer satisfaction

Don’t let disengagement take your company down. Learn about the four forces that destroy engagement in this e-book.

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“The Predictive Index helps us understand employees’ needs so we can assign them to a team where they can maximize their productivity and engagement.” — Nayda Hernandex, Human Resources Manager, Prime Construction Group

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