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Why People Leave: Decoding the Engagement Challenge

When engagement is strong, a company will flourish. But the costs of getting engagement wrong are extreme. Disengaged managers alone account for somewhere between $77 billion and $96 billion in costs annually and it is estimated that $11 billion is lost annually due to employee turnover which is often the direct result of low engagement. And around every corner is another company who has a survey and a promise to make it all better. With so much help available, why is it such a challenge?


Download our engagement kit to learn how you can improve  employee engagment at your organization.


Engagement kit includes:

  • eBook- Decoding Employee Engagement: 4 Work Enviorment Pressures Making Your Employees Leave
  • Engagement Report- How Engaged is the Average Employee?
  • Interactive Worksheets- Identify Work Environment Pressures and Job Analysis
  • Engagement Webinar Slides

Why People Leave: Decoding Employee Engagement