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Requirements for a People Strategy You Can Build On

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For the HR-lifer it might seem counter-intuitive to leave people out of the equation when doing the due diligence of strategic workforce planning. However a closer look at sustainable HR practices reveals that long-term human capital gains are made through intentional process implementation rather than relying on hitting on the right person at the right time.

More than a job description, more than a requisition, it’s the requirements of a role that lay the foundation for a great hire to become a valuable employee and potentially a future leader at your organization.

With experienced workforce planning professional Jeff Gross of MyPeoplePlan joining Matt Poepsel from the Predictive Index, this webcast will provide you with the tools and perspective you’ll need to institute a more sustainable approach to workforce planning. The set up might not always be easy – but the payoff will be well worth the effort.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How to institute a more sustainable approach to workforce planning
  • Intentional process implementation
  • How a great hire can become a future leader at your organization 


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