The Predictive Index

The 2020 State of Talent Optimization

Discover how talent optimization can help your clients—and win you more business.

As a consultant, you know there’s no magic bullet to improve your client’s business.

But what if there were specific business practices you could help them focus on and implement that were proven to generate better results?

That’s where talent optimization comes in. A research study of 600 executives found 11 talent optimization practices that lead to 34% higher performance, 16% higher likelihood of achieving strategic goals, and overall better business outcomes.

Learn those 11 practices—plus dig into the rest of the data—by downloading the 2020 State of Talent Optimization Report.

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"When I first saw how the platform could enable our members to solve people problems, I was blown away...we find ourselves doing much more team and manager development than we initially anticipated. That’s where our clients see the life cycle value in PI, and in turn with us."

- Kevin Robins, CEO of MidAtlantic Employers Association

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