The Predictive Index

Predicting Franchise and Corporate Success

Learn how ServiceMaster Canada used PI to predict workplace behavior.

For more than 50 years, ServiceMaster Canada, a division of the ServiceMaster Co. brand, has been providing commercial and residential customers with cleaning services through a network of more than 350 franchised business licenses throughout Canada.

Ian England, CEO of ServiceMaster Canada, was first introduced to The Predictive Index more than 25 years ago while he was a ServiceMaster franchise owner. Ian used data provided by the PI Behavioral Assessment across his business and discovered that some employees — including himself — were in the wrong jobs. He used the data to alter people’s responsibilities, including his own, to create a more productive and harmonious working environment.


  •  The right people are in the jobs best suited for their behaviors and skillsets.

  • Objective assessments are made of the employee and the situation to determine whether the proposed next step is a good move.

  • Franchisees are counseled on how to manage their people most effectively.

  • Requirements and expectations for roles are clear.

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