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Talent optimization

Reach your full potential by designing your teams strategically.

The best teams are magic. Roles and personalities complement each other. The whole becomes greater than the parts. Performance soars.

But many companies are rich with talented individuals, yet they’re not assembled and managed in a way that pushes everyone to the top of their game.

That’s why companies struggle with a talent optimization gap. It’s what prevents even the best companies from reaching their full potential.

Talent optimization allows companies to intentionally, consistently, and strategically design great teams and a successful culture.

Let us show you the what talent optimization can do for your company.

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Map talent to strategy.

There’s the old adage that “all business problems are people problems.” And a big reason why we are plagued by people problems is that we haven’t had the tools to see how our people align with our strategy. Until now.

Strategy Insights will show you exactly how well your people fit with your strategy.


Unleash productivity.

The Predictive Index software makes it easy to understand exactly what you need from your next hire. Define the requirements of each job with a short assessment distributed to key stakeholders and you’ll get a target to help you objectively narrow your candidate shortlist.


Understand and predict behavior.

The PI Behavioral Assessment™ is a six-minute, free-choice assessment that measures the four core drives that predict workplace behaviors and motivators. Send unlimited assessments out in just a few clicks and use employee insights to hire, manage, and develop teams more successfully.



Evaluate job matches.

The PI software helps you to quickly rank your candidates against your Job Targets to help you hire more confidently. This secret weapon uncovers gaps between what you think candidates offer and what the job requires. Job targets include Interview Guides to guide a more productive, consistent, and structured interview.


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