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How CEOs identify top performers

Learn the framework.

Many think identifying a top performer is easy: just look at their output.

But output is only part of the equation—especially if you’re looking to hire managers or promote top performers into leadership.

In this tipsheet, we’re sharing the framework The Predictive Index’s senior leadership team uses to identify next level talent when hiring and determining promotability—plus the top four questions to ask during an interview.

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This is why you’re not hitting your business goals.

Our CEO survey revealed that 52 percent of the CEOs didn’t achieve their strategic goals in 2018. What’s causing this gap between goals and results?

Senior leaders develop a business strategy and they decide which operational and financial metrics they’ll measure to determine success. But what sits between the strategy and the results are people. And too many leaders don’t have an end-to-end talent strategy that works.

Good news: A solution exists to close the gap, and it’s called talent optimization.

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