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Build a team that performs when the pressure is on.

How? Get the right people around the table, then build their conversational capacity.


The Predictive Index® teamed up with best-selling author and consultant Craig Weber to bring you this toolkit about conversational capacity. 

A team that can’t talk about its most challenging issues in a balanced, constructive way isn’t really a team at all—it’s just a group of people who can’t work together effectively when it matters. That’s why it’s critical to build the team’s capacity to have difficult conversations. Conversational Capacity® helps you do just that.

You’ll learn:

  • What conversational capacity is

  • How to get the right people around the table

  • How to build people’s capacity to work well under pressure

  • Why leaning into differences is smart

  • The three components of conversational capacity

Business leaders are responsible for creating a culture that enables people to work and learn together in a consistent, purposeful, and highly-productive way. This toolkit will get you off on the right foot.

Read the e-book, complete the worksheet, and hang the posters on your wall as a reminder to hold yourself—and your team—accountable for maintaining conversational capacity.

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Fifty-two percent of businesses failed to meet their goals last year.

Tired of operating at half capacity? We’ll show you how to build magical teams and inspire your people to perform at their highest levels. The Predictive Index empowers leaders to use talent optimization software and people data insights to reach their business goals.

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