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Promoting employee engagement in a busy organization

How do you make time for effective performance management?

According to the 2019 Employee Engagement Report, a company’s lack of investment in its employees is a top driver of disengagement and turnover. This has led many managers to shift away from annual performance management reviews to more frequent feedback sessions with direct reports.

While time and effort is necessary to maintain strong engagement, how can leaders successfully balance the day-to-day needs of the organization with regular check-ins with employees?

In this webinar, join panelists from The Predictive Index, BambooHR, 15Five, BizLibrary and OfficeVibe to learn:

  • How to balance recognition efforts and accountability when giving feedback,

  • Practical tips for helping managers hold one-on-one meetings in spite of large teams or busy schedules,

  • How to get buy-in from senior leadership to promote employee engagement throughout the organization.

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