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What’s missing from your onboarding

Lessons from 3 top employers

In order to know how to be successful at your organization, new employees need to have an informative and impactful onboarding process. 

But according to a recent report, only 12% of employees agree that their company does a good job of onboarding new employees (State of the American Workplace Report Gallup 2017). 

How can companies improve the onboarding process to ensure that it’s having a positive impact on their new hires? With actionable insights and data, of course! 

Listen to panelists from The Predictive Index, BizLibrary, and Sapling to get insights on:

  • How to overcome challenges in measuring the onboarding process 

  • The onboarding data points you’re missing

  • Warning signs to let you know if your onboarding is on track—or if your employees are getting off course

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